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Caryn - Skye

I Phoned Ali in desperation having bought a new husky cross golden retriever puppy who I was finding very difficult to cope with. Ali's calm, measured response put me at ease almost immediately. On meeting my puppy Skye, Ali provided me with simple, easy to implement suggestions for behavior issues. I liked that Ali aimed to train my puppy in a kind and positive way, rather than with harsh discipline. I have continued to follow all of Ali's advice and have watched my crazy puppy develop into a gentile and well disciplined (most of the time anyway) dog who is a pleasure to have around the house. Ali has a natural way with dogs and Skye took to her immediately. She is kind and thoughtful and was always ready to answer my questions between sessions. I feel very fortunate to have had Ali's help and recommend her extremely highly to any new dog owners.



We recently welcomed our Cavapoo puppy Maisie into our family. Maisie is our first puppy and Ali was recommended to us to help settle her in, house train and recall train her. She was fab. Ali started with a home visit to meet us all and check out that we were doing things right; constantly giving us step by step tips on how to house train. Maisie got it totally (well almost) within a few weeks. Once Maisie was old enough to go out, Ali came with and within a few days she was off the lead bounding back with a shake of a treat, or calling her name. Of course we would recommend Ali as we now have a gorgeous, obedient and house trained 5 month old.


My very large puppy, then aged about 9 months, was refusing to jump in my car boot, having previously been happy to do it. I felt I had tried everything and my back was suffering from repeatedly lifting him in. Ali patiently showed us techniques to encourage his cooperation, while keeping him interested in the task. With practise and within a short time he was jumping on demand.Thank you Ali


As first time dog owners, Ali's advice and expertise's has been immensely helpful to my family and me. Our puppy, Honey has learned a lot from her training sessions-and what's more she has enjoyed it. Honey is a joy, she is sociable, obedient and very importantly for a puppy she comes back when called.

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